Our Story

Our business was started with the recognition of the constant need for high quality medical market information. We don’t claim to be Google, but our European and American hospital register is a more specific search engine that allows you to have access to detailed, accurate and up-to-date medical information on over 19,000 European hospitals in 25 countries plus a further 6,000 hospitals in the USA.

We came together as a team of highly qualified professionals because we believe that we can change the way that market information can be gathered, segmented and presented in the medical industry.

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We've being doing this for a long time!

2013New web site comprising hospital data, surgical statistics and inpatient information all at the hospital level. Information present as downloadable tables, charts & interactive maps.
2009Web site redesigned. Extra features and more information.
2007American Hospital Register web site is launched. Detailed, comprehensive information on an extra 6,000 hospitals is now available.
2006The first online European Hospital Register. The single database of over 16,000 hospitals ensures everybody has the latest data.
2005The American, Czech and Hungarian Hospital Registers first published on CD ROM. This adds amost 7,000 hospitals to our databases.
2003New CD ROM edition launched. Extra functions and more features to utilise the growing database.
2001First CD ROM edition created. Several kilograms of paper now became a few grams of plastic. CD ROMs are created to order, so every client had the most up-to-date information.
1998First edition of European Hospital Register appears in print. Docutext print-on-demand and a constantly updated database maintained accuracy.

Kimmi Crosby ‐ Managing Director

Kimmi leads the daily operations and strategic direction at Walnut Medical. Having worked for computer programming company Cambridge Procedure, which built the databases for the Ministry of Defence, Kimmi has an extensive selling and operations management experience in the Information Technology industry. Away from Walnut Medical, Kimmi is helping local businesses and communities grow by organising a large number of networking and social events.

Bob Tulloch ‐ Technical Director

Bob drives overall strategic vision of Walnut Medical while being responsible for the technical and research side of the business. While working as an external market researcher for Frost & Sullivan, Bob found out that there is a demand for the way that the medical information should be structured. Having a clear idea in mind, he coded the entire database on his own, which now has been used by the largest medical and consulting companies in the world.